5 Easy Methods to Kill Bed Bugs


Have you ever heard about tiny little blood suckers? Don’t get confused, tiny little blood suckers means bed bugs. If so, it means you have this tiny red-brown insect in your house. Right, then you definitely try so many ways to eliminate them from your house.

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures and you can find them at various places easily. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on their life stages. Bed bugs don’t have wings and they can survive several months without food.

Generally, bed bugs come out at night and they hide during the day.

Bed Bug Extermination advice you that don’t live with this tiny little blood suckers. Just live without them and make your house bed bug free.

Here are some effective natural home remedies to eliminate bed bugs permanently from your house.

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  1. Douglasgambone says:

    You know I live up here in Alaska and we really don’t have that many bugs, especially in the winter time. But I have seen 2 bugs in my bed at the hotel room I’m staying at. They pretty much look like the smaller version of a bed bug

    • Rachel says:

      Then it was a baby bed bug. They are super tiny. I hope you washed out your suit case and clothing. I just found her bugs in my home and we think it came from the museum my husband works at where 1000’s of people come day in and day out. Probably transported them from his back pack. It’s been a nightmare for two days now. I’ve had to throw away my curtains and the box spring. It’s just awful. The sprays and foggers are okay but bleach and peppermint oil seems to be working as well as the more expensive remedies.

      • linda says:

        how much of each do I mix

        • Deb says:

          Ive heard that mothballs, dryer sheets, and they don’t like lilac other wise we’ve tried ortuo spray and say by bugs spray but it’s started to get expensive. We’re down to only finding one or 2 now

      • Dawn says:

        Does it really work the bleach and peppermint. Right now im using green rubbing alchol moxed with cayan pepper seems to kill them but they keep coming back i have to be careful on what i use bc i have several pets. And i suffer from asmtha

      • Patty says:

        How much of each?please,need help no money,can you use peppermint leaves?

      • Angelina says:

        How does bleach and peppermint help kill bed bugs

      • Theresa says:

        Where do you find permint oil

        • Charlotte says:

          Amazon has essential oils cheaper than health food stores or ananda’s apothecary.

        • Rosie Gayden says:

          Hi Im not sure these are bed bug on my chest with about 3 bite on my chest I got out the tub during the day laid in the bed felt something stinenging me felt like a pen next day I had bumps.I keep a clean house and my mattress have encasementon both my mattress dont know how if I got them or not.My husband say bed bugs dont bite during the day is that true.

          • Rob G says:

            Your house can be spotless and you can still get them. Typically they are nocturnal, but that’s not always the case. You wouldn’t have been able to feel the bite, if it was a bedbug. When they bite, they numb the area to help prevent detection while they eat. Check any seams or crevices. Also check your mattress encasement for any type of holes. If you see black spots, it could be bedbug feces. Their appearance changes as they mature, so if you find anything at all, try to find images of different pests to compare. 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol will kill the bugs and dry out the eggs. You need direct contact though, and it’s in no way a replacement for proper pest control service.

          • Linda says:

            No that is not 100% true, as they can & do come out & bite during the day!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Can you kill bed bugs with clorox bleach yes or no?

  3. _donnadaly says:

    Can u have bed bugs in two rooms where people sleep and not in another bedroom?

  4. Betty swafford says:

    How can u get rid of roaches with home made remides

    • RICHARD says:

      Tal Star professional grade. This stuff kills anything. Be careful with pets

    • Boric Scid kills roaches and their eggs, which is why they are so hard to get rid of them. The eggs can still hatch even after pregnant roach dies. Biric Acid works wonders!!!

    • You can go to the grocery store and get roach bait,or roach spray the spray smells really bad i would buy the roach bait it’s in a tube my mom’s friend told me about it we had the apartment management spray our apartment when we first moved into our apartment and it lasted for 5 years but they hate light keep your kitchen light on at night that is over the stove that is what we’ve had to do for the 8 years and 9 months that we’ve lived in our apartment

  5. Susan Hansen says:

    I paid $1200 for extermination heat treatment- lasted a few months and they are back- bought all new furniture! Still bugs- spray bye bye bugs spray which kills on contact but didn’t stop the infestation! This is going on 2 years now!!!! Mainly they are just in the 2 bedrooms. Ours and one that hardly no one sleeps in. But when grandkids come- they get bitten bad- I scrub, spray, vacuum & steam clean, & wash all bedding n still bit!!! Ready to burn the house down!!! HELP!!!!!! Can’t afford another $1200

    • Ann says:

      Try boric acid.

    • Tina says:

      Look on Williams bed bug traps on YouTube. I am making some this weekend.

    • J foster says:

      Have had the same issue. We finally used Diatemacios Earth. Haven’t seen any since we put it down 3 months ago. Drawback to using this is that the powder has to be there. As long as you can see the powder it is working. All baseboards, cracks, crevices and around beds. Even between the boxspring and mattress. It if food grade so it is not harmful to humans or animals.

      • Jerlene Jones says:

        Mint tea will get rid of bugs. Spray it around the house, in corners, along baseboards, along the sides of dishwashers and stoves and bugs will disappear. You will have to spray once a week or so, but it is non-toxic and bugs run away so that beats dangerous chemicals that could hurt your children and pets.

      • LH says:

        The only problem with Dee is that it is not safe if inhaled, the ground up po wder feels silky smooth but it is not, it is very jagged, this can only be seen under a magnified lens. (That is how it kills the bugs) it tears open their abdomen) With that being said the results of inhalation for humans as well as pets can be painful & expensive to cure. It causes respratory infection, as well as many other respratory issues, & can also lead to cancer. It is however very effective for the job.
        So if you do use deal aware of your furbabies health as well as your own, use a filter mask when using the product, & unfortunately the furbabies have to stay outside while it is in use, especially dogs & cats as they tend to sniff at everything.

    • Tina says:

      If you find out something that works let me know please also dealing withthis nightmare for years hired a exterminator twice bombedscrubbed cleaned vacuumed bought new beds and encaments nothing worked!! Own by own house so moving isn’t a option please help! And please no bye bye bedbugs ot did nothing !

      • The Diatomaceous Earth seems to kill them and centipedes. Didn’t even know I had those til I put powder down to prevent bed bugs and found one curled up dead. It dries them out and kills them. Works great! I’ve heard boric acid doesn’t work on bed bugs but I do know it works wonders on killing roaches. My sister had them in an apartment & boric acid wiped them out!

      • WANDA GASTON says:


      • Victoria says:

        Buy “say bye bugs” I think its liquid diatemacious earth food grade, I put powder down on my couch took all loose wood off and they were hidden under material sprayed and dusted it with the diatemacious earth kills them on contact, of course you have to do it 10 days. Because even dead they can lay eggs……keep spraying every day, wash bedding in hot water dry at least 45 min on high heat, after you think they are dead, put mattress or furniture in bed bug bag for a year, because they can stay alive for a year without eating…om working on it going on 3 days now!!

      • Did you ever try a small steam machine Hon.? I don’t know if you can afford it some places rent them. Hope it helps!

    • I know how you feel!!! I love my cat so much and she’s an indoor cat the poor thing hurts so bad I cry want to live my car I’m a widow a young widow who is forced to stay at my mom’s house and my sister lives here too and she brought them in!! I’m going mad!! I don’t believe they don’t cause physical and mental problems either!! I want to get the H– out of here but my husband was young and we didn’t have life Insurance my mom isn’t making a lot either cause my dad died but still they’ve just not care anymore but I Do Damn it! No one here in Richmond has anything to help widows after 7 years I’ve been living this freaking Nightmare for 4 years here I’m losing my house money problems but if I could find someone who I could talk to in the same boat I guess this is helping yous are really nice if you have any ideas for my cat that don’t cost much I’m broke I’d be greatly.

    • Joyce Hattin says:

      Oh my God!!! I had to laugh out loud when i read this😄..this is exactly where i am! I have tried EVERYTHING and it only works for a short while. I’m at my wits end, i feel them crawling on me even when they’re not!! I’ve finally lost it completely(lol). HELP

  6. Joyce says:

    Will rubbing alcohol kill srayed on couches, beds, etc. kill bedbugs

    • Barbara says:

      Use a spray bottle. They are transparent till they feed. They can go almost a year without sucking ur blood. They are also carried by pigeons! Had them in 1976.

    • Tania says:

      I have read that the winter green rubbing alcohol will kill them. But it takes several sprays it is not instantly.

      • Dawn says:

        Yes thats what i use and ive put down cayan pepper around my bed i had to throw away my whole bedframe and my daughters..

  7. Ruth says:

    Alcohol. 90% works best. On contact … also…they go where the blood is…. you must wash everything in very hot water. Then put freshly washed and folded clothes in clean plastic bags. Store for as long as possible… spray Carpet.. baseboards..clothes bedding..mattresses.. etc.. etc.. you can buy a large sprayer at walmart for $5.00 . Saves time… do not spray alcohol on some items. It will ruin. Your leather…shoes. Luggage purses..etc..

    • Jane says:

      You are correct about using alcohol. I used straight alcohol in a spray bottle. You can’t just spray and expect it to work. The alcohol has to be sprayed ON THE BUGS in order to kill them. It must be repeated periodically in order to kill them with any affect on the population. Also they hide in cracks and crevices in your walls, and places like wallsockets, baseboards, gaps in wooden furniture like headboards. Basically anywhere they can fit. Their eggs look like little TINY clear crystals. If you are not sure if the bugs are bed bugs… squash one. They smell like black walnuts (to me anyway). I’ve read they only lay 1 egg at a time, but can lay up to 5 a day… that’s 40 in a week. So if you have them, spray OFTEN, but do not smoke or use any open flames (candles, etc…) at the same time. Alcohol is very flammable!!!

  8. Elly says:

    Put cucumbers slices out at night. They hate the smell of o
    It. The also hate the smell of mint and orange. Spray oil and water mix on counters.

  9. K turpin says:

    Everytime my cousin stays I get bedbugs. I spray with 90 percent alcohl and scrub everything with 1/2 bleach and water (walls carpet etc) you have to clean furniture too vacuum daily I steam cabinet etc and wash linens and clothes. Takes about 4 days to accomplish this but worked last time. Going through it again now. Wish me luck

  10. Susan says:

    God for bid Mama’s residential place has bed bugs we’re being inspected tomorrow I pray we don’t have them,others Doon 1st and second floor she is on the 4th floor.

  11. It’s cost us about 3 to 6 hundred dollars to get them exterminated. Alcohol does kill on contact but it takes a lot more than that. Some things need to be bagged up until you can wash all clothes! They can live without feeding on your blood for months and months! I had them feeding on me but my husband worked outside and had darker skin so they weren’t biting him at first until they found his white legs! He was sporting a farmers tan.LOL
    I had a dermatologist tell me I had some kinda rare skin disease! Lol

  12. there’s a simple and easy way to get rid of bed bugs I had an infestation of bed bugs it came from a mattress that A friend gave me it was full of bed bugs I used Febreze dryer sheets and fabric softener I put the dryer sheets in my couches sprayed them with Febreze simply spray your matches with Febreze put dryer sheets on the mattress put your sheet on the mattress do the same with the pillowcases put dryer sheets inside your pillow cases all your furniture that has upholstery stick to dryer sheets in the crevices and you can even rub a dryer sheets on your skin and they won’t get on you. spray your outer clothes with Febreze! travel Febreze always when you go to someone’s house you never know

  13. OLGA says:

    I know that baking soda is useful. I mix with salt and vinegar to spry over the pillows, mattress and the carpet. I also place pillows In the dryer.

  14. Yvonne says:

    Do fabric softener help kill bed bugs I heard it do ?

  15. Ted Nugent says:

    I just drink A bunch of alcohol and they leave me alone. Save the alcohol for yourself ! Whats happening with gaeferdick ! Is he still neeling and maybe bobbing ? Nobody seems to want him on their team… I would not want nothing to do with him. He can go collect aluminum cans for all I care…

  16. Ted Nugent says:

    I drink the alcohol and they leave me alone. Save the alcohol for yourself ! Whats up with Gaeferdick ? Won`t any buddy put him on their team ? I think hes washed up. He might as well go collect cans before he starves himself to death…

  17. Monica says:

    Dawn(blue) dish liquid kills on contact.

  18. bcuttiepj says:

    Rubbing alcohol does work I did it no more bitting me but good idea bout the dryer sheets after u apray the rubbing alcohol put dryer sheets on matress b4 u put ur sheet on an do same for pillows

  19. Bambi L Perry says:

    I heated the bedroom after throwing the mattress and boxspring away at the landfill. I used propane tank connected to a heat blower. I heated up the five rooms for 8 hours but I removed my television and laptop and bag them up and left them in the shed. After the heat up was over I brought my Electronics back in from the shed and straight away bombed the house with two bed bug bombs. The next day I clean all the surfaces except 4 floors I cleaned all the dishes etcetera in the dishwasher. I got another bed I soaked both the mattress and the box springs with 90% proof rubbing alcohol. After that dried vacuum the carpets and did more cleaning. Then I put my bed encasements on. I’m sorry but it’s going to take some money and quite a bit of work to get rid of bed bugs completely. no matter how infested or not infested you are because after 7 days they keep hatching out. so once you do this ritual killing of the bed bugs you’ll have to do it again in another 7 days. you have to know the life cycle of your bed bug. I went through the steps twice once and then after 7 days did it again and I haven’t seen a bug since. That was 6 years ago. You have to spend some money and work at it or you won’t get rid of them completely. A reputable exterminator is about the only sure way to completely get rid of them if you can afford it if not you’ll be working at it for a long time if you don’t take several steps and work at it hard and stay on top of it. I Was Bitten and had an allergic reaction to the bug bites. I couldn’t afford $2,000 for the Exterminator so I did it my way and it worked I always keep a bottle of 90 Proof rubbing alcohol but I haven’t had to use it.

  20. Joseph says:

    Do you want to get rid of bed bugs from your house? Calling an exterminator is an expensive way. To make it easy for you, we’ve discussed 10 ways to get rid of bed bugs without calling an exterminator. Read the full article to learn …

  21. Bed bugs can drown. soaking infested clothing, completely submerged, can kill many bugs but can cause eggs to hatch faster. Be sure to use a dryer on high and throw out all fabric covered furniture immediately. Upon doing so you will immediately experience a very large drop in the number of bites.

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